Innovative technologies to monitor and mitigate ocean plastics

April 6, 2022

There is still so little known about plastics in our oceans. Understanding the problem of ocean plastics requires sound data to make informed decisions about how to tackle this global issue. In these sessions we will discuss how we can better monitor and mitigate ocean plastic with innovative technological solutions. These solutions bring together diverse teams of academics, industry workers, private companies and creative inventors, all while marrying the fields of engineering and cybernetics with the natural sciences. 

Each region will have two sessions, denoted here in local time for that region.

10:00 AM   |

Moderated panel discussion

2:00 PM    |

Interactive discussion with participants

GMT + 9
(Japan Standard Time)

Ocean plastic monitoring in East Asia:

using artificial intelligence, cameras, phone apps, and oceanographic models

Session moderator:
María Belén Alfonso

GMT + 2
(Central European Summer Time)

Multiscale plastic monitoring from space to sea:

how can we combine monitoring schemes into the ultimate observational pyramid?

Session moderator:
Andrea Faltynkova

GMT - 5
(Central Daylight Time)

Plastic waste management: turning to innovative technological solutions 

Session moderator:
Ebenezer Nyadjro


GMT + 9
(Japan Standard Time)

Prof. Atsuhiko Isobe

Kyushu University

Dr. Mitsuko Hidaka

Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)

Mr. Fujio Kojima

CEO of Pirika, Inc

Prof. Tomoya Kataoka

Ehime University

GMT + 2
(Central European Summer Time)

Dr. Artur Zolich

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Ms. Elizabeth Prentice

Eidsvoll Electronics AS (EIDEL)

Laurent Lebreton

The Ocean Cleanup

GMT - 5
(Central Daylight Time)

Dr. Anna Michel

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Dr. Eric Sparks

Mississippi State University

Ethan Edson

Ocean Diagnostics

Background image: Geir Johnsen