Policies and actions for a plastic-free ocean

April 7, 2022

Policy enactment is one of the effective ways to generate meaningful change in production, use and disposal of plastics. This could ultimately lead to a broad reduction in plastic pollution, but how can we develop impactful policies? In these sessions we will discuss current approaches to developing policy hand in hand with scientists, local activists and the general public. Creating definitions of sustainability in an inclusive space could propel us towards solutions to the ocean plastic problem.

Each region will have two sessions, denoted here in local time for that region.

10:00 AM   |

2:00 PM    |

Moderated panel discussion

Interactive discussion with participants

GMT + 10
(Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Science, action, and policy:

towards a plastic-free Australia

Session moderator:
Peter Puskic

GMT + 1
(West Africa Time)

Policy, science or business: who defines sustainability?

Session moderator:
Inès Boujmil

GMT - 3
(Brasilia Time)

A Brazilian case-study:

Policy making to Monitor and Assess Plastic Pollution in Brazil (PEMALM-SP)

Session moderator:
Isabela de Carvalho


GMT + 10
(Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson

Government of Australia

Ms. Catarina Serra-Goncalves

University of Tasmania

Ms. Kathryn Willis

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

GMT + 1
(West Africa Time)

Ms. Sigi Gruber
OceanBRIDGES (former EU Commission Officer)

Mr. Aldo Drago

University of Malta

Prof. Chérif Sammari

National Institute of Science and Technology of the Sea, Salambo (INSTM)

Ms. Patricia Villarrubia Gómez
Gothenburg University & Stockholm Resilience Centre

Mr. Gianni Valenti


GMT - 3
(Brasilia Time)

Dr. Prof. Alexander Turra

UNESCO chair & University of São Paulo

Dr. Maria Teresa Castilho Mansor

Secretariat for Infrastructure and Environment of São Paulo State, Brazil.

Nathany Herrera

Ecosurf Institute

Background photo: Picture taken in Nairobi, February 25, 2022. REUTERS/John Geddie